Sexts from the Sea

Sexts from the Sea

I am wet for you

Motorboat all over me

Drill me until you accidentally poke a lost sea diver skeleton

I’m overflowing with lust for you … Watch out New Orleans

Come explore my lost city of poontang

It’s been awhile … I’m getting sandy down there

I’m so oiled up that birds are dying

I swallow.

It’s only on the map that I’m Pacific.

We’d be a perfect match: I’m salty, you’re sweet.

Go deeper … until your head explodes from pressure.

All those mastheads don’t have their tits out for nothing, baby.

You know what I do to agates? I wanna do that to you.

I hope you like Navy uniforms because I’m full of wet ones.

I’m into watersports.

I used to be frigid, but not any more ;-)

It’s okay, I get tested all the time…but just to be safe, I’ll use a dam.

I’ve got a fetish for bearded guys and amputees.

He wasn’t called Moby Dick for no reason.

It’s cool, in international waters there’s no law against that.

Start calibrating your sextant.

Bang me until the Titanic floats again.

I’m only wearing a captain’s hat.

Becky Lang, Chris Vondracek, Jay Gabler