If Everyone Was as Honest as Bon Jovi

If Everyone Was as Honest as Bon Jovi

Because We Can—The Tour is the upcoming fifteenth concert tour by American rock band Bon Jovi. (Wikipedia)

Tom Cruise stars as an ex-cop with a stupid name in the plot-free blockbuster action spectacular Because I Can.

“Because I Can,” Chris Brown’s slow jam about S&M, featuring a guest verse by Rihanna.

“Telling the World About Your Performance Anxiety, Because I Can,” the new hit single by Taylor Swift

Because We Could, a memoir by a senior staffer in the George W. Bush administration

“Because I can:” text-message preface to a dickpic from Bill Clinton

Because You Can: A 50-Something Pop Icon’s Guide to Hot Sex with Barely Legal Men by Madonna

“asking people to bring me adderall, because i can” – alt lit tweet

Because I Can, a 20-hour documentary about the history of hubcaps in America, by Ken Burns

BECAUSE I CAN—inscription on Bob Dylan’s gravestone

Because We Can™: A line of $70 yoga shirts in the Whole Body section at Whole Foods

Star Wars Episode VII: Because We Can, a Disney movie featuring a climactic battle between Boba Fett and Miss Piggy

Jay Gabler and Katya Karaz