Adventures for the Recently-Graduated Sorority Sister

Adventures for the Recently-Graduated Sorority Sister

1.     Hang a series of three positive, fairly ambiguous words that start with the same letter, molded in a font embellished with flowers. (E.g. live, love laugh; fun, family, friendship)

2.     Take a picture of you and your friends in the bean sculpture in Chicago. Post as timeline banner.

3.     Score an unpaid internship at an ad agency/PR firm that allows you to use the company account to tweet about your caffeine intake and antioxidant routine.

4.     Switch your hair color from “deep chestnut” to “deep maple.”

5.     Passionately plea for your family and friends to bankroll a “service trip” to Haiti/South Africa/Brazil, then return with 3,000 photos of you in cute outfits on the balcony of your four-star hotel.

6.     Marry the first non-alcoholic, average-looking guy who dates you for longer than a year.

7.     Caption company party photos “me and some of my besties!”

8.     Get a dog who weighs less than 10 pounds, keep her for two weeks until she eats the coach purse you got for your sweet 16, then send her to mom’s house.

9.     Find a pretty picture of flowers using Google image search. Post as timeline banner.

10. Convince yourself the retail sales job you’ve been working since you graduated college two years ago is just “a segue into buying.”

– Natalie Berkley

Photo by Nanny Snowflake (Creative Commons)