A Message from My Non-Existent PR Team

A Message from My Non-Existent PR Team

Hello, Readers of Becky.
It has come to our attention that Becky has published many personal opinions and facts on the Internet without first consulting us. While we are believers in free speech and an open and understanding society, we feel that the wisdom of a group, and the perspective of those with proper PR training, can ease the flow and digestibility of information.

That being said, we would like to comment on a few of the portraits that Becky has painted of her character, with the full knowledge that Becky is indeed an upstanding citizen, and a hardworking writer, designer, TV producer, zoologist, moon watcher, capoeira fighter, fashion consultant, triangle enthusiast, Africa expert, world peace mover and shaker and psychologist to the stars.

First of all, Becky has often alluded to her “work hard party harder” lifestyle. The truth of the matter is that she doesn’t even drink alcohol, except for the small, accidental portion in her daily bottle of restoring Kombucha tea. Aside from the occasional happy hour or late night happy hour, she lives a totally straight edge lifestyle. That is, when she’s not having trouble getting to sleep, whereupon she finds a whisky Coke Zero overwhelmingly helpful. She is also known to imbibe while watching the Lifetime network, which she barely ever watches, we swear.

Secondly, there is the matter of a few blasphemous comments that Becky has made about religion, especially her Catholic heritage. We would like to let you know that Becky is indeed a person of faith, or at least someone who loves Christmas, not just for its commercial or candy-related qualities. Her mother would also like you to know that she did not, as she was accused, raise Becky to be “a shitty Catholic” and that many of the remarks Becky claimed she said have been exaggerated by Becky’s natural tendency toward blasphemy, which we are working on.

We know we have only touched on a few of the larger issues, but we hope that we have helped to shed a new light on Becky. Don’t judge her for the person she blogs as, judge her for the person she we are helping her try to be.

Thank you,
Becky’s Non-Existent PR Team

Becky Lang