Cutest Apocalyptic Scenarios Ever

Cutest Apocalyptic Scenarios Ever

Coordinated attack by terrorist cats wearing tiny airline pilot uniforms!

One word: Tribbles!

Anthropomorphous Tonka trucks, voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, wreak havoc while making fart jokes!

Boo gets into the nuclear suitcase. Ruh roh!

Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but with penguins and voiced by Morgan Freeman!

Godzilla vs. Totoro!

Anything involving Dr. Evil and Mini-Me!

“28 Fridays Later” by Rebecca Black!

Those “Robbie” robots at Walmart Warmart registers that take the quarters and lick their lips, except they have nukes!

Ryan Gosling kisses the whole universe to death!

Mad Max by Rosemary Wells!

The universe condenses into a mango-lime bubble tea!

An army of toddlers in tanks takes over the planet!

Plague of ladybugs!

Baby-dinosaur Jurassic Park! Just imagine a tiny little triceratops stampede!

Lindsay DeLand, Jay Gabler, Becky Lang, and Dunstan McGill