American Pop Star-Themed Breakfast Cereals

American Pop Star-Themed Breakfast Cereals

• Kelly Clarkson’s Guarini Hair Doodles

• Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Wheels

• Bon Iver’s Cabin Logs

• John Mayer’s Big Mouths

• Britney Spears’ Snap Crackle Babies

• Lady Gaga’s DADDY’S ANGRY [contents of a garage toolkit in a bowl]

• Chris Brown’s Black Eyed Pea Puffs

• Clay Aiken’s Wheatabix Long Wheats

• Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Proactiv-O’s

• Madonna’s Age-Reducing Blood of a Younger Woman Breakfast Smoothie

• Diplo’s Huh … What …

• Zooey Deschanel’s ZooeyOoeyOohs!

• Tyler the Creator’s Rape F@**ots

• Fergie’s Post-Meth Food Cereal

• Kanye West’s Eg-O Waffle Crunch

• Chris Martin’s Apple Goopies

Becky Lang