Gawkerizing Huffington Post Headlines

Gawkerizing Huffington Post Headlines

HuffPo: ESPN Crosses Line with Offensive Lin Headline
Gawkerized: Surprise, Surprise, There’s a Racist Idiot at ESPN

HuffPo: Is THIS What the iPad 3 Will Look Like?
Gawkerized: Let’s Unintelligibly Speculate About the Next iPad

HuffPo: Emma Watson: Journalists Asked Me If I Was a Lesbian Because of Haircut
Gawkerized: What? We Thought Hermione Was a Lesbo, Too

HuffPo: Republican Lawmakers Call Girl Scouts a ‘Radicalized Organization’
Gawker: Old Republican Dudes Jealous that Girl Scouts are Making More Money than They Are

HuffPo: PHOTOS: You’ve Never Seen Paintings Like this Before
Gawkerized: Here’s Something to Get Stoned and Look at

HuffPo: Latino Mormons Speak Out Against Romney
Gawkerized: Mormons Hate Romney Too, Guys!

HuffPo: Santorum Doubles Down on Religious Critique of Obama
Gawkerized: Santorum Reminds Us that Obama is the Devil’s Butt-Monkey

HuffPo: How American Apparel Lost the Hipster Vote
Gawkerized: How American Apparel Even Skeezed Out Faux Ice Skaters on Meth

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