My Understanding of a Typical PR Person’s Day Via My Friend’s Twitter Updates

My Understanding of a Typical PR Person’s Day Via My Friend’s Twitter Updates

I have a friend who works as an account manager. She is a public relations pro. Or so say her hashtags. She works in a little firm that specializes in education stuff. Often she has attempted to describe her daily work duties to me. But I’m still confused. All I can gather is the following, via her Twitter feed:

9 a.m. Morning! Major head trauma:( #drinkswithladieslastnight #putsmileon

9:05 a.m. Fascinating! Totes agree! RT @Ragan More and more PR majors coming out of school unprepared for stress of first job.

9:15 a.m. coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee #addict

10:24 a.m. “What is it you actually DO?” #clientfromhell #goodquestion

11 a.m. Con call with teachers association didn’t go so hot. BOSS IS STOMPING AROUND OFFICE. #hideincube

11:15 My client!! RT @J.R. AndersonEducationalBooks4Kids Profits Soar on New Algebra For Dummies Ap

11:30 a.m. Cubemate can’t spell good. #Lolz Seriously buy a dictionary dude.


12:30 p.m. Hey Everyone! Sign up for this Symposium on Early Childhood Education! You’ll learn a lot and be entered to win free koozie!

1:15 p.m. #Conferencecall with textbook publisher. Not sure cubemate read a book in college. #JK #LOLZ

1:42 p.m. Cubemate keeps throwing candy at me because I refuse to help him with his grammar. #WhyDidntIGotoLawSchool?

2:15 p.m. Gained a new client today called Fancy Board, need to run their Twitter Feed. #WHATISAFANCYBOARD?!

3 p.m. Conference call w/calculator maker. Remember spelling swear words upside down on calcs?!

3:10 p.m. Duh! RT @Ragan Why the world is run by PR firms / The rise and fall of Slinky Corporation


4:10 p.m. “I bet you’re the kind of girl who likes sports—do you get to many Wild games?” #clientfromhell

4:30 p.m. Conference call with important client blah blah blah. #shootme

4:45 p.m. LOLZ. Rebecca Black is still trending on Fridays! #epic #goaway

5 p.m. Sweeeeet! Weekend. OH WAIT! Boss wants me to upload all our FONDUE PICS. #faceplant #overtime?

Dunstan McGill

Photo courtesy lululemon athletica