Aphorisms Updated for the Digital Age

Aphorisms Updated for the Digital Age

Absence makes the blog followers forget you exist.

Unfriending speaks louder than words.

Before you judge a man, you should read a mile of his tweets.

Better to have blogged and lost followers than never to have blogged at all.

Lookbook.nu celebrities should be seen and not heard.

Don’t bite the media partnership that feeds you.

Here today, slutshamed tomorrow.

Great content farms think alike.

The burnt singer songwriter shuns the buzzfire.

Let anonymous commenters be anonymous commenters.

The best memes in life are free.

SEO is the window to the soul.

Hitch your wagon to a buzzband.

There ain’t no such thing as a free credit report.

You can’t take hits with you.

When all you have are lemons, try to make a new hit social media platform.

There are plenty of fish on OK Cupid.

Becky Lang