Pros and Cons of Being an Extrovert

Pros and Cons of Being an Extrovert


• You meet people easily because you don’t have a problem yammering away in front of people you don’t know

• You’re loud and fun at a party, maybe even before the booze

• You have a lot of friends

• You excel at “group work” and are thought of by quieter people as a “leader,” even if only because you’re willing to make suggestions out loud

• You often get to make decisions because people know you’re a loudmouth who’s going to throw her two cents in anyway


• You get depressed if you’re alone too long, and sometimes “too long” is about four hours

• If you’re not dating someone you always have to live with roommates (see previous item)

• You have higher energy bills because the TV’s always on because you get nervous when it’s too quiet

• The rise of the old-married-person-itis slowly decimating the social tendencies of everyone you know means you’re constantly learning to live on less

• You’re always broke because you can’t say no when someone invites you somewhere

• You’re terrified of getting too old because living alone in a retirement home or one-story rambler for the last ten years of your life sounds like your personal hell and you’d probably spend the whole time praying for dementia to take your mind

• People occasionally think you’re “a bit much”

Linnea Goderstad

Photo by WDCNZ (Creative Commons)