Suggested Celebrity Coffee Brands

Suggested Celebrity Coffee Brands

It brings us a caffeinated surge of pleasure to introduce to you the first-ever (and only) Bonnie “Prince” Billy-certified organic coffee. (press release)

Russell’s Brand (with hint-o-crack)

Blu Cantrell’s “Buzz ‘Em Up Style” Blu Mountain Blend

Radiohead’s Bleak Roast

Slim Shady Grown Blend by Eminem

Fleetwood Mac’s Fair Trade Coffee (great for sharing in bed!)

Bon Jovi’s Shot to the Heart Espresso Roast

Cold Cave Press

Kurtis Blow’s Break-Fast Blend

Caribou Coffee, available exclusively at Caribou Coffee

Starbuck You™ by Cee-Lo Green (drink it straight)

Cafe Bustelo Rhymes

Snoop Dogg’s Maxwell Hos

Lana Del Rey’s Wool-Filtered Collagen Blend

Louis C.K.’s Dark Roast of Everything

Ke$ha’s 100% Colombian (take a deep sniff)

Ice-T “Coffee Killer” Iced Tea

Jay Gabler and Becky Lang