Proposed Slogans for Dirty, Dirty Sex Acts

Proposed Slogans for Dirty, Dirty Sex Acts


Waving at You from The Inside

When Fingering’s Not Enough

Knock, Knock, Is Uterus Home?

When You Need to Know What a Muppet Feels Like


When Two “Precum” One

For When You Need to Rock, Cock-to-Cock

“Just put the tips together!”

Tip to Tip, Don’t Gimme No Lip

When You Need Some Leather, Put Your Tips Together


“Hey, I want my cum back!”

It’s the Cum Equivalent of Backpacking Through Europe

Cumming in Butts and Sucking it Out Since 1782


Japanese for “Coming All Over Your Face”

Millions of Babies Raining on Your Face

If You Squint, You Can Pretend It’s an Octopus Attack

You Like?

Becky Lang, Jason Zabel, Katie Sisneros