END BAD DESIGN: The Talented Minds at South Carolina’s Fuzzco

END BAD DESIGN: The Talented Minds at South Carolina’s Fuzzco

I first discovered Fuzzco when one of my favorite web design hubs, Site Inspire, featured their agency website. It’s one of the coolest I’ve seen crop up lately, and you should definitely spend some time on it. Turns out the owners have spent some time in The Twin Cities – they’re grads of St. Paul’s Macalester college. Founders Josh Nissenboim and Helen Rice answered our (should be more regular) set of design questions. Get to know ’em.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the work you do:

Fuzzco is a digital agency in Charleston, SC. We spend unspeakable amounts of time and brain energy concepting and crafting quality works for big and little companies and we have a pretty damn good time doing it.

What is your go-to font or font combination as of late?

We’ve been using Brandon Grotesque and Eames Century Modern lately.

Why do you like that combination?

It feels pretty well balanced emotionally.

What font do you think is overused and about to go out of style?

Brandon Grotesque and Eames Century Modern.

What do you wish you could tell new designers to quit doing?

Quit avoiding keyboard shortcuts and get that shit on lock-down.

What’s the next trend?

Something is already happening with Parallax scrolling websites and we’re expecting to see a lot more of that. We’re hoping to see more and more minimal UIs- get rid of the clutter.

Which trend is about to be over?

Beveled Type.

What designer do you want to turn our readers on to?

Our posse here does it right: Mason Greenewald, Melanie Richards. Blake Suarez is also the man.

Becky Lang

All images examples of Fuzzco’s work, except for the two that display the typefaces mentioned.

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