The People of Pitchfork – in GIFs (Part One)

The People of Pitchfork – in GIFs (Part One)

Our staff spent a lot of time on their iPhones. I captured GIFs of the most charming of hipsters using the new GIF Shop app, which I’ve been silently praying to Gay Jesus for.

This guy at Baths was a great dancer. Shortly after this he was joined by a lady friend dancer, and the pair inspired everyone behind them to shake it.

American Apparel is over. Bear head things are all the rage now.

This couple hanging out waiting for TV on the Radio was decked out in red handprints.

That is indeed a fake rodent in her décolletage.

Impromptu Cut Copy dance party.

Professional dancing at Odd Future.

360 degree view at How to Dress Well.

And finally, some bootylicious chicks dancing among the bored back crowd at Odd Future.

Becky Lang

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