5 Best Things About Chicken Fingers

5 Best Things About Chicken Fingers

5. Every Chicken Finger is Unique

First you are brought into the world and introduced to the chicken fingers at fast food restaurants. They are small and wimpy – but salty in a way that piques your interest and primes you for a life of chicken fingers. As an adult, you start to eat them in all new places, and discover that they can be flat and flakey or curved and breaded with a hint of … paprika? Each new chicken finger is a trip into the unknown.


4. Chicken Fingers Are a Good Excuse to Eat Condiments

Chickens don’t actually have fingers, but some genius in history designed a food product with the ideal shape for dipping into sauce. Barbeque is the hands-down ideal destination for this dip, but it doesn’t end there. (Pro tip: McDonald’s has a new Sweet Chili Sauce.)


3. Chicken is a Fairly Chill Type of Meat

As far as meat goes, chicken is a small commitment. It doesn’t pack the grease power of bacon, it won’t make you sleepy like turkey, and it’s not full of fat like a huge burger. It’s just bird!


2. Chicken Fingers are Reliable

When you order chicken fingers, you know you’re about to get a fried spread of edibles that your body has been familiarized with regularly since age 2. It’s not like ordering a curry dish, where you could end up with a soupy mess that gives you jalapeno heartburn. Plus, if your chicken fingers are sub-par, you can just douse them in ketchup.

1. Chicken Fingers Make Your Body Happy

Hungover and dizzy? Try a chicken finger. So hungry you’re angry? You need a chicken finger. Feeling like nothing delicious has been in your mouth for awhile? Here’s a chicken finger.

Becky Lang