Our best guesses as to why snow is falling in Minneapolis on May 1

Our best guesses as to why snow is falling in Minneapolis on May 1

Disappearance of crunch wrap from the Five Buck Box at the Franklin Avenue Taco Bell displeases Tlaloc

Because there is a darkness deep within Sven Sundgaard’s heart

Minnesota Film & TV Board dropping shaved ice from airplanes to strengthen our local brand

2012 is starting early

Tim Pawlenty agreed to let Rupert Murdoch carry out his elaborate demonstration that global warming doesn’t exist right here, in exchange for arranging extensive press coverage re: is Pawlenty the next Republican presidential candidate?

One too many bags of Cooler Ranch Doritos opened at the University of Minnesota as a result of post-SpringFest munchies

Michele Bachmann is secretly an ice princess

Conceptual art project by God

It’s such a good tourist destination that the jet stream has come to stay

A feminist group is using magical means to make it so cold that Kendra Wilkinson will refuse to join her husband here

Local shortage of Head & Shoulders

Dave Hallaway, salesman at Park Vacuum Center, having such a good month that his customers’ cleaning regimens are actually pulling a weather system down from Canada

Unexplained consequence of the Axe Effect

Har Mar Superstar sneezed into his bag of cocaine

Jay Gabler, Becky Lang, and Chrissy Stockton