Is Rebecca Black Ever Cute or What?

Is Rebecca Black Ever Cute or What?


Watch out Justin Bieber, here comes Rebecca Black! We don’t know much about her other than that she loves Fridays, hates homework, rides the bus and eats cereal. But for me, that’s enough. After watching her hit single “Friday” a million times after discovering it, I just can’t decide what I like best about it/her. Here is a list:

1. She does ride the bus, but when her friends suddenly show up in the convertible they’re way too young to drive, she’s like “Fuck the bus! I’m hopping in the car with my pals. I just got up and washed my face and brushed my hair and ate my cereal and put my backpack on and walked out the door and stood there and now I want a pal to my left and a pal to my right, you know?”

2. Whether she’s kickin’ in the front seat or jammin’ in the back seat, she is one tuneful brunette, although she does have such a hard time deciding which one to choose. But whoever says they haven’t thought “Gotta make up my mind which seat I can take” is lying.

3. Rebecca Black challenges my conceptions. Like when she says, “Fun fun think about fun you know what it is” I’m like, whoa, I hadn’t thought about it, and I was under the impression that I didn’t know what it was, but now that you’re like, think about it, you know what it is, I’m like, oh my god, I do, I think.

4. Let’s be honest, I tend to forget the days of the week. Like on Saturdays I think, “I would give a big smooch to anyone who could tell me what day tomorrow is!” But now I have this handy mnemonic device that is her hot tune jam, “Friday,” to remind me. I just sing to myself, “Yesterday was thursday today is friday … tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterward.” What if they all get mixed up though, and Saturday’s like, “I wanna go after thursday LOL.” Then maybe she’ll record a remix!

5. I LOVE the part of her video around 2:17 when it gets really conceptual, and she’s like WE SO EXCITED and suddenly she’s rendered in this cool drawing with this cheerleader font and her whole body is like swinging back and forth like a door really loose on its hinges. I can’t decide if I love that more or her cool rapper friend!

Do you love Rebecca Black? Watch her video and see!


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