What Your Minneapolis Bar of Choice Says About You

What Your Minneapolis Bar of Choice Says About You

The Hexagon – Yes I do eat frozen pizza a lot, thank you. I’ve had a few one-night stands in my day, but in a couple years I’ll be married to someone bearded/in an ironic jugband. When I have extra cash, maybe from ripping someone off in a 5-person pot-selling chain, I order Jameson instead of rail whiskey. My favorite band is the Buzzcocks, but I could school you in local noise music. Woo Phantom Tails!

Club Jager – Yes, I have been pictured on local style blog The Minneapoline. I was wearing a ballet tutu and a pleated vest, with a bow in my hair. I’m currently single, but only because my former boyfriend realized he wanted to explore his sexuality. We still go shopping together, on occasion. I just printed new business cards, and I’m looking for new connections. Go DJ Jake Rudh!

Shout House – I grew up in a small town in Northern Minnesota or in a bordering state where non-white people were scarce. Usually in my spare time I cross-country ski or watch reruns of “News Radio,” but sometimes me and my pals like to hit the town and go crazy!

Seven Sushi Ultralounge and Skybar – I tried out to be on “Real World: Minneapolis” but they wouldn’t take me, even though I told them about my “condition” in high school. Yeah, ok, I was addicted to tanning. How many people are scared to come forward about that? A lot, I bet. Oh, that guy over there is looking at my boobs. He looks like Vince Vaughn mixed with Chester Cheetah! Perfect – I need a date for when Kings of Leon come to the Target Center.

U Otter Stop Inn – God am I starving. As soon as I’m done singing “What’s My Age Again,” I’m totally going to go buy some White Castle. My bike ride across town is going to be so refreshing, especially with this buzz I’ve got on. Can’t wait to go light up a joint and pass out to my DVR-ed collection of “Shark Week” episodes.

Becky Lang’s current bar of choice is Rudolph’s, because it is the closest to her house and thus the easiest to hungoverly slide to during an ice storm.