A Team Wins the Championship

A Team Wins the Championship

The Orange and Navy Blue team won the Big Championship last night, defeating the Green and Yellow team that also plays the same sport. The team that won has a tiger for a mascot, and the team that lost has a duck, so I guess that makes sense.

Both teams did a lot of running and throwing of what I assume was a ball, but the Orange and Navy Blue team did it a lot better.  They probably threw it farther, and ran way faster, and got where they were supposed to go way more times than the other team did.  Sometimes some of the players would smash into each other, but it happened enough that I think it is normal.

The tigers and the ducks beat other teams this year, solidifying their spot at the top as the teams that beat the most other teams.  One of the teams has a guy named “Cam Newton.” I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere. Despite strong efforts all around, both coaches got pretty yelly.

According to a guy I just asked, the turning point of the game was when a player kicked the ball and it went far enough.

Katie Sisneros has no idea.