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Go For It board game

Go For It!: The most quintessentially 80s board game ever made

“NEW CARS, EXPENSIVE HOMES, EXOTIC VACATIONS! THIS COULD BE YOUR LUCKY YEAR!” The back of the Go For It! board game box promises that in “the game where you can have it all,” “you’ll have lots of chances to go for the good life. Earn big bucks, buy new cars and homes, take off on […]

A Not Very Definitive List of Emoji that Need to Exist

My favorite Emoji is the Edvard Munch “Scream” emoji, which is both very referential to old art and incredibly useful. It is perfect for texting my boyfriend things like, “It’s snowing,” “Pretty Little Liars is a repeat tonight” and “there are no cheese samples at Kowalski’s.” Now I want these emoji to exist: -Boo the […]


The Age of The Anti-Hero

When I watched Breaking Bad, I kept wondering who I was supposed to root for. From internet chatter, I knew that people generally idolized Walter White and considered his wife a b!t@h, while feeling endeared toward Jesse Pinkman. Because of this I expected Walter White’s character to be quite admirable, and his wife’s character to be […]

Super Bowl Protest

Ten Things to Do While You’re Being a Conscientious Objector to the Super Bowl

Watch every Philip Seymour Hoffman movie that’s streaming on Netflix (that’s Mary and Max, A Late Quartet, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Hard Eight, Salinger, and Leap of Faith). Go to a coffeeshop, listen to the Pixies, and write a short story about a twentysomething New Yorker who feels alienated from mass culture. Submit it to an alt lit zine. Go for […]


Fun Things to Do during Sub-Zero Temperatures

Share Check out to make yourself feel like a badass. Find the 10-day forecast for places where it’s much warmer than where you are. Like Novosibirsk, Siberia, Antarctica, and Olympus Mons when it’s on the dark side of Mars. Cry. This will likely be your instinct anyway, upon waking up in the morning, checking […]

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Top 10 Boo Moments of the Year

  10. When Boo had a birthday.                             9. When Boo showed off his profile                             8. When Buddy let his hair down and Boo looked on     […]


Pros and Cons of Choosing Different Musical Acts to Settle on Mars

I just learned about the Mars One project that aims to send pods of four people at a time to settle on Mars, starting in 2024. If that isn’t dystopian future-y enough, they’re choosing people in a reality TV-like manner. So while I proceed producing an immense amount of non-renewable waste in my daily life – […]


Why are Teachers in Teen Media Always Crazy, Pervy or Just Bad at Teaching?

I just finished reading Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, which almost everyone except for angry Minnesotan parents agree is a great YA book. It was named the Best Children’s Book of 2013 by Publisher’s Weekly, an NPR Best Book of 2013, and John Green loved it. I liked it quite a bit as well, and will […]

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The Tangential’s Last-Minute Gift Guide

~2000 years ago, Jesus was born on December 25th. Because he’s a selfless guy, he said “Every year on my birthday, how bout everyone gets presents, not just me? Forever?” And thus Christmas began. If you’re getting a late start in participating in this ritual, never fear. Here are some products you can buy for […]


Office Space Syndrome: Are Men Losing Interest in Working 9-5?

For the last four years, I have been formulating a theory in my mind that a growing amount of men in my generation have something that I like to call Office Space syndrome. The best way to define it would be a sense of disdain for office life, 9-5 jobs and breadwinning as a signifier of manhood. […]


Un-Scary Things that Terrified Me as a Child

Queen, the band When you think about Queen, you probably see them entirely different from how I thought of them as a kid. I mean, they’re an amazing band led by someone famous for saying, “I am gay as a daffodil, my dear.” I didn’t know that. My fear of Queen started with their News of […]


Top 10 Habits of Extremely Happy People

10. Being born with or buying oneself a symmetrical face. 9. Taking long cruises along the beach with the convertible top down. 8. Frequent joking around with their old butler Smitty. He never gets sick of being asked for Grey Poupon! 7.  Outbidding that wench down the road in an art auction. 6. Giving money […]

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