Fun Stuff to Do or Die

We are Cool. We are Hip. We know the Fun Things Going On Around Town. And guess what? We’re going to tell ’em to you, in handy dandy lists, every week. You can do them, or you can die alone. Up to you.

Thoughts Re: Halloween

For me, Halloween has typically meant going to a bar, staying out late and generating a horrible hangover for the next day. But now my relationship with my friends is more “I’ll feed [...]

7 Future Makeup Trends

Baby Dolling. Replacing your eyes with fake eyes that are controlled by a switch on the back of your head. Browstrology. Shaving off your eyebrows and replacing them with tattoos of your star sign. [...]

The Age of The Anti-Hero

When I watched Breaking Bad, I kept wondering who I was supposed to root for. From internet chatter, I knew that people generally idolized Walter White and considered his wife a b!t@h, while feeling [...]
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