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Your Lana Del Rey Problem

Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is excellent. With songs like “Fucked My Way Up to the Top” and “Money Power Glory,” she lays down insane critiques of society while stopping to coo gently for the men who are still caught up looking at her lips. It’s no surprise that her album is good. Her last album […]

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Let’s Retire the Word Evil

Not a lot of words are more damaging and less useful than the word “evil.” It doesn’t hold up to modern methods of explaining human behavior; it’s often applied to the same people we label “mentally ill” and it causes fear and paranoia in place of empathy or understanding. Yet many people still use this […]


Katie Drunk Blogs Cosmos

ShareIn which Katie drinks every time she feels confused by how unconfused she is by her sexual feelings toward Neil Degrasse Tyson, and occasionally quotes her friends. Opening act featuring President Barack Obama, who’s all “DANGIT GO TO SPACE, GUYS. WE GOTTA BRING BACK SPACE STUFF.” “Build on evidence that passes the test, reject what […]

Lift and Reporter: 2 Apps That Track My Life and Make Me a Better Person

  When I was younger, I used to journal a lot. I had this idea that someday I would want to go through all my journals and learn the long-forgotten secrets of my youth. I was wrong indeed about that. The minutiae of what I thought 11th-grade boys turned out not to be something I’ve […]

Why Can’t We Cast Actors That Play Their Own Nationality, Race or Sexual Orientation More Often?

  The Oscars are tomorrow, so this seems like as good a time as any to talk about this. Why is it that in the year 2014, we can’t more often cast actors that represent some kind of minority (or just something other than white, American English speaking straight people) more accurately? There are three […]


Obama and art history: Should the humanities be mandatory?

ShareHumanities faculty and students around the world have been hot under the collar in the wake of Obama’s recent comments suggesting that you don’t have to major in art history if you go to college. After a furor erupted among humanities scholars, Obama apologized in a hand-written note. Scholars in the humanities tend to be sensitive […]

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Cars and Bikers: How “Safe” is Safe Enough?

Share When a bicyclist was tragically killed by a drunk driver last week in Minneapolis, much of the media attention focused on how the victim had been a “good” biker, a “safe” biker. Blogger Melody Hoffmann noted that the biker’s safety precautions even made it into headlines like “Bicyclist killed on Franklin Ave. Wore Helmet, […]

Top Five Signs That Macklemore Is Being Held Hostage by the Illuminati

The annual Grammy Award Ceremony is an exciting event in which industry movers and shakers get together to enjoy performances by the year’s biggest acts and honor outstanding achievements in the field of music. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. In reality, of course, it’s an excuse for the shadowy elites who run […]

We Want to Publish More Diverse Perspectives

There’s a big feeling of whiteness coming from everything in Minnesota. It’s a challenge that every publication somewhat passively experiences. How do we be less homogenous? We’re a state that is 85% white, a state that sometimes feels segregated in its own way. But there is often a tacit agreement that that’s just how it is, […]

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Top 10 Boo Moments of the Year

  10. When Boo had a birthday.                             9. When Boo showed off his profile                             8. When Buddy let his hair down and Boo looked on     […]


Pros and Cons of Choosing Different Musical Acts to Settle on Mars

I just learned about the Mars One project that aims to send pods of four people at a time to settle on Mars, starting in 2024. If that isn’t dystopian future-y enough, they’re choosing people in a reality TV-like manner. So while I proceed producing an immense amount of non-renewable waste in my daily life – […]

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Do Young People Speak Insecurely? Maybe That’s Ok.

As a rule, I try to stand up for young people, and I try to stand up for the changing nature of language. Nobody has a bird’s-eye view on life, but when you look at time, change and language with some perspective, you can see that young people are always horrifying older people, and that […]

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