Articles by Katya Karaz

How to Suck at Sports

1. Harbor irrational fear  While America marveled at the gravity-defying finesse of the parkour craze, I foresaw bone breaking against concrete and braced myself for shock footage of compound [...]

Insights From My Elders

“It amuses me to see how addicted your generation is to those toys.” – Co-worker referencing the Blackberry in my hand as she glides past my desk on the way to a smoke break. “Man, it’s [...]

Baby Love and the Double Standard

As an English major in college, I was asked countless times if I was interested in teaching as a career. I said I considered teaching at the college level, but wouldn’t enjoy a classroom younger [...]

Wonders of the Free Market

1. Magic Socks According to a promotional Magic Socks blog (it’s real), this product line offers: “A magical collection of socks that will revolutionize New Yorkers’ perceptions and [...]
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