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Manly vs. Not-Manly in The Sopranos’ Universe

Manly Telling your male friends you love them. Hugging and kissing your male friends. Having a feminine nickname like Chrissy or Pussy. Working around strippers without paying them much attention. Having a Goomah (girlfriend). Getting out of prison and getting back on your feet. Not-Manly Being depressed. Going down on women. Seeing a therapist, especially […]


Your Lana Del Rey Problem

Lana Del Rey’s new album Ultraviolence is excellent. With songs like “Fucked My Way Up to the Top” and “Money Power Glory,” she lays down insane critiques of society while stopping to coo gently for the men who are still caught up looking at her lips. It’s no surprise that her album is good. Her last album […]

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Obvious Child Proves You Can Have an Abortion and Still Be a Rom Com Heroine

  Quick – name all the times you can remember characters in movies or shows having abortions. Is it zero times? Maybe one if you watched Friday Night Lights? What about the amount of times characters in movies or shows have simply talked about having abortions? Carrie Bradshaw talked about it on Sex and The City, but I […]

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Let’s Retire the Word Evil

Not a lot of words are more damaging and less useful than the word “evil.” It doesn’t hold up to modern methods of explaining human behavior; it’s often applied to the same people we label “mentally ill” and it causes fear and paranoia in place of empathy or understanding. Yet many people still use this […]


More Details About The (Still Mysterious) Minneapolis Taco Delivery Service Taco Cat

This week in Minneapolis-is-kinda-Portlandia-ish news, word started spreading about a new bike delivery taco company called Taco Cat (get it? It’s a palindrome.). Because they are basically shrouded in mystery, I reached out to one of their leaders, who prefers to go by “Church,” for more details. (Note: he preferred his name not be shared. […]


Questions I Have for People Slightly Younger than Me About Snapchat

I really like technology. I grew up playing Ski Free and Crash Bandicoot. I even had a Pikachu pedometer in the fifth grade. I want to continue to understand and use the new developments in the tech and social media worlds so as not to become an old lady who tells my grandchildren long stories […]

A Not Very Definitive List of Emoji that Need to Exist

My favorite Emoji is the Edvard Munch “Scream” emoji, which is both very referential to old art and incredibly useful. It is perfect for texting my boyfriend things like, “It’s snowing,” “Pretty Little Liars is a repeat tonight” and “there are no cheese samples at Kowalski’s.” Now I want these emoji to exist: -Boo the […]

Lift and Reporter: 2 Apps That Track My Life and Make Me a Better Person

  When I was younger, I used to journal a lot. I had this idea that someday I would want to go through all my journals and learn the long-forgotten secrets of my youth. I was wrong indeed about that. The minutiae of what I thought 11th-grade boys turned out not to be something I’ve […]

Why Can’t We Cast Actors That Play Their Own Nationality, Race or Sexual Orientation More Often?

  The Oscars are tomorrow, so this seems like as good a time as any to talk about this. Why is it that in the year 2014, we can’t more often cast actors that represent some kind of minority (or just something other than white, American English speaking straight people) more accurately? There are three […]


The Age of The Anti-Hero

When I watched Breaking Bad, I kept wondering who I was supposed to root for. From internet chatter, I knew that people generally idolized Walter White and considered his wife a b!t@h, while feeling endeared toward Jesse Pinkman. Because of this I expected Walter White’s character to be quite admirable, and his wife’s character to be […]


In Spike Jonze’s “Her,” The Future is a Soft Pink and Emotionally Vulnerable Place

Different filmmakers tend to latch onto one color that represents what they think the future will be like. Will it be green and optimistic, like Emerald City? Will it be a cold gray, like in Minority Report and The Matrix? Whatever light filmmakers cast upon the future, it often comes with a dark twist that shows how technology […]


Fitbug Orb – Your Next Activity Tracking Device?

Do you want to jump onto the activity tracking device bandwagon but not want to spend a crapload of money? The Fitbug Orb was created to be one of the most budget-friendly ways to get into the game. They sent me one to try out and see if it’s worth the $50 price point. A […]

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