The 20 Best Things About September

The 20 Best Things About September

First bonfires of the season.

You get the fall color without having to rake any leaves.

Tangy chill cuts the summer heat but doesn’t actually make the air cold.

Pumpkin spice lattes and Octoberfest beers are rolled out.

Excuse to buy yourself new school supplies, whether or not you’re in school.

Excuse to gloat about being finished with school, if you’re finished with school.

All the new seasons start.

Touring bands get back to playing shows that aren’t gargantuan festivals.

Beyoncé’s birthday, September 4.

All the fall preview issues come out.

You start to feel slightly less bummed about sitting indoors all day.

More birthday parties, fewer weddings.

You can stop coating yourself in a rubbery layer of sunblock every day, and you can let your beach bod go.

Grocery store shelves are moved so the forklifts can roll in with small mountains of Halloween candy.

Rolled-up car windows mean fewer people hear you singing along to “Mambo No. 5.”

It’s time to unpack the sweaters and flannel pajama pants.

You can bike somewhere without arriving soaked in sweat.


International Talk Like a Pirate Day, September 19.

Proximity of Christmas becomes palpable.

Jay Gabler

Photo by An Eye For My Mind (Creative Commons)