TV Show Suggestions for The Millennial Network

TV Show Suggestions for The Millennial Network

Participant Media plans to launch a cable network aimed at viewers 18 to 34 years old with programming it describes as inspiring and thought-provoking. The as-yet-unnamed network is set to start next summer with an initial reach of 40 million subscribers, the company announced Monday. (Pioneer Press)

America’s Next Top Instagrammer

Blog Wars

The Cosby Sweater Show

Countdown: Today’s Top 1,000 GIFs (30-minute show)


The Intern

I Love the 90s in a More Authentic Way Than People on VH1

Keeping Up With Tavi

Monologues by Lena Dunham’s Vagina

Pimp My Parents’ Basement

The Real House Cats of Tumblr’s Top Bloggers

Self-Published eBook Theatre

So You Think You Can Tweet

America’s Dream Meme

Survivor: Internet-less Island

Top 20 Things About Twentysomethings that People Misinterpret in 20 Different Ways

Who Wants to Be a Person Without College Debt? (game show)

Jay Gabler, Becky Lang, and Chrissy Stockton

Photo by Jetekus (Creative Commons)