Reviews of my Efforts at Creating a Ponytail Reviews of my Efforts at Creating a Ponytail

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♦ Seriously difficult to watch

By: UserDude123

I got this expecting something pretty simple. But then what do I know? I’m a dude. I thought putting your hair in a ponytail was just, like, pick up the hair on the sides, pick up the hair on the bottom, twist the little ponymergigger a few times, and viola, ponytail. Well if the forty-five minutes this chick spent trying to accomplish that is any indication, creating a ponytail is more akin to extracting a deeply-embedded wisdom tooth. Or tying and double knotting all the baseball cleats of the entirety of the MLB National League. Jesus unholy Christ, it took forever. By the end it actually hurt to keep watching. You could just see the defeat in her face. She’d tie it up, stare at herself in the mirror, frown, sigh, then pull it back down and brush her hair out for like the FORTY THOUSANDTH TIME and I just wanted to reach over and either give her a huge hug as she tried in vain to create a bump-less pony tail, or just shoot her and put her out of her misery. Would not recommend.


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♦ ♦ ♦ Some decent dark humor

By: StarzInUrFace86

I didn’t really do any reading on this before I watched it, so I can’t be sure, but I think this girl in this comedy (?) is British. I’m only basing that on the fact that it was really super awkward and almost made me lose my faith in humanity, and yet by the end of it I was laughing so hard I was in tears! The way she would sort of mumble to herself something like “Jesus Katie, just fucking leave it alone. It’s fine. Nobody cares,” turn the light off and walk out of the bathroom, only to come stomping back in again thirty seconds later and rip the ponytail holder out of her hair in a fury…holy shit, I was laughing so loudly my roommate came in and asked what in the hell I was watching. I showed her, and she asked if there was something wrong with that girl, and I said no I just think she’s British or something. It dragged on a bit, and the end was pretty anti-climactic, but it’s worth watching for at least the first twenty minutes. Would recommend, if you have the patience.


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By: GirlyGalXOXO

God, I thought I sucked at doing my hair. After watching this, I take it aaaaall back! I could have washed, dried, permed, straightened, shaved, re-grown, highlighted, layered, and deep conditioned my hair a dozen times in the time it took this poor lady to put her hair in a ponytail to her liking. I lost count after the thirtieth attempt, although I might watch it again with friends and make a drinking game out of it. One drink per attempt, one drink per swear word, one drink per heavy defeated sigh, and a shot every time she crouches down and puts her forehead on the tile floor and breathes for a while. I complain when I can’t get my curls to last the whole day, and this poor soul can’t even manage the first hairstyle you learn as a child without having what appears to be a complete existential meltdown. I’d feel bad for her if I wasn’t so thankful to have this delicious nugget of awfulness to refer to every time I need a confidence booster. Would recommend if you ever need that sort of thing. Thanks, Katie!


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♦ ♦  Unfulfilled potential

By: DecafRaptor

Needs Werner Herzog narration. What could pretty successfully pass as a Sartrean introspective on the futility of contemporary western society’s beautification standards instead feels more like being cursed to crash head-on into a brick wall and die a horrifying gory death over and over again ad infinitum.  I would call her a modern-day Prometheus, were it not for the fact that I felt like I was being punished, not her. Would recommend, for the experience.

Katie Sisneros