The Tangential Answers MORE Cosmo Readers’ Questions

The Tangential Answers MORE Cosmo Readers’ Questions

My guy doesn’t make as much money as I do. I like to go to nice dinners and I’m fine paying for them, but it annoys him. How do I get him to lose the attitude?
It could be that he gets sick of eating vegan sushi with tapioca smoothies all the time, but when he says he just wants Wendy’s, you take it as him not being grateful. See if he just genuinely just wants to eat cheap, unhealthy food.
If he’s genuinely just being a big mooch and then making you feel like a naggy bitch for not liking it, dump him and date someone taller.

My boyfriend of a year only wants sex a few times a week, but I’d like it more often. I’m confused because I thought guys constantly crave it. Is he abnormal?
A few times a week isn’t that bad. Are you lying cuz it’s actually never and you are secretly afraid he is gay or cheating or … both? If so, break up with him.
But let’s assume you’re telling the truth. That’s 5 days out of 7, if I can assume it’s once per hangout. That’s almost every day. That’s probably on the sunnier end of normal. To have sex more than that, you’d probably have to be in one another’s physical proximity even more than you already are, which might be too much time together after just 1 year.
I’ve also noticed that guys feel slightly patronized when you assume they’re total horndogs who want to tear your matching panties off at any given moment. He might just genuinely be tired sometimes. Do less weird seduction shit you read about in Cosmo and let him come to you.

When I was checking out my boyfriend’s new phone, I hit the photo album and saw a pic of his erect package. He never sent it to me. Does that mean he was planning to send it to another chick?
Not necessarily. He might be putting it on Grindr. (Or be an active reader of Philolzophy.) He’s definitely using it to either weird out some chick or get himself some dick.
[Cosmo’s advice: “My guess is that picture was meant for no one but himself … it’s a new phone, and he was no doubt eager to test out all its features.”]

My friends and I are single. What’s the best way to meet guys at bars?
Just stalk guys on Facebook instead. You’re less likely to get date raped that way.

My man and I have been dating for a few years, and the subject of marriage has never come up. I don’t want to get married immediately, but how can I bring up the possibility of having a future together without freaking him out?
Are you like 19? Or 22? Cuz there’s no way you would start dating someone in your 20s and have made it to 5 years without at least discussing how each of you feels about marriage. TV and parents practically force you to talk about it. If you guys started dating as teenagers, break up and get some perspective. Seriously, don’t marry your first boyfriend, unless he is just like Marshall on How I Met Your Mother, and I’m guessing your emotionally closed-off guy is not.
If you guys are mature adults with careers and stability, just start pinning engagement rings and dresses on Pinterest and he’ll get the hint.

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