New Doll Lines for Today’s Young Girls

New Doll Lines for Today’s Young Girls

These fashionable dolls are half Pomeranian, half human, wagging their tails through their jeans and getting their fluffy manes flat ironed at the hottest salons. Put one in your purse and go!

Chinese Symbol Dolls
Each doll is named after a special Chinese symbol that gets at her essence – Love, Luck, Hope and Box (Mistranslation). Each one comes with temporary tattoos so that you and your doll can be twins!

Über Young Carrie Dolls
Meet Carrie Bradshaw, 8-year-old fashionista. Each Carrie doll comes with 5 of her mom’s credit cards, a starter pack of cigarettes and a cryptic, sexual note from the 14-year-old boy down the street. When you pull the string on her back, she’ll make a witty observation like, “There are 46 boys in the second grade, and only 21 of them don’t sleep with their moms at night.”

Kristen Stewart Dolls
Finally, the awkward, shy girls have someone to relate to. Kristen comes with her own large T-shirt to wear in the swimming pool, a pair of dirty chucks, and coughs awkwardly every time you press her back.

Millennial Mom Dolls
Who wants to play Barbie when you can play Mom, right kids? These mom dolls are just like your own mom, with a cell phone glued to one hand, and the other one combing a McDonald’s breakfast wrapper out of the back of her car. Wabi sabi! With your mom dolls, you control the reigns for once. “Quit watching 16 and Pregnant mom, time for your new haircut!”

Becky Lang