Items for a “Wedding Night” Pinterest Board

Items for a “Wedding Night” Pinterest Board

Bell jar of cocaine!

Vintage 19th-century bridal sack, with velcro-sealed holes for “cheating” ; – )

Hand-painted “Do Not Disturb (Yes, Mom, This Means You!)” sign for the door handle

Leatherbound condom/lube packs for the whole wedding party. Refill and reuse!

Condom-shaped slippers lol

Padded handcuffs embroidered with the couple’s name and wedding date. Fun idea!

Organic soap specially formulated to scrub the smell of Aunt Alice’s perfume away : – /

Sex wedge in a gazebo awwww

Tree house with mosquito netting—romantic and practical!

Vintage frame for saving and displaying the stained sheets. Special memories :’ – )

Jay Gabler and Heidi Thomasoni

Photo by Villa de Amore (Creative Commons)