What North Dakota Meant By “Leave a Legend,” If Not “Have Lots of Sex”

What North Dakota Meant By “Leave a Legend,” If Not “Have Lots of Sex”

North Dakota’s tourism director says an ad that showed two young men ogling a group of women on a Fargo sidewalk wasn’t meant to be provocative. […] The text of the ad says: “Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest. Leave a legend.” Tourism director Sara Otte Coleman says the ad was meant to showcase North Dakota’s nightlife. She says it wasn’t intended to be sexually suggestive. (Associated Press)

Eat three dozen Blazin’™ wings at Buffalo Wild Wings and get your photo on the wall.

Show off your parkour skills.

Go to the Bunny Bash Foam Party at The Hub in Fargo, and enjoy yourself in a completely non-sexual way.

Get a new high score on a Big Buck Hunter machine that hasn’t been reset since last Thursday.

Drop your pants and moon Canada.

Hop on an ATV in Fargo and outrun the Amtrak Empire Builder to Grand Forks.

Convert, and become the state’s 731st Jew.

Impress the ladies by explaining, in detail, why the state’s biome can never be xeric.

Get three associate’s degrees at Minot State University before sunup.

Drink an entire gallon of the state beverage (milk) in an hour without throwing up.

Get a buffalo tattoo on your right buttcheek.

Demonstrate your knowledge that the movie Fargo actually had hardly anything to do with Fargo.

Display your enormous penis in a completely non-suggestive way.

Go on a killing spree.

Jay Gabler