Notable Posts of 2k11

Notable Posts of 2k11

Notable guest postPlea of a Teenage Cro-Magnon by Natalie Shure

This post by writer I’ve never met IRL is not only hilarious, but also startlingly specific in its historical references.

Crowd fave: Why Single People are More Interesting than People in Couples by Jay Gabler

There was a time when all of us writers were single. This narrow window allowed Jay Gabler to say something so bold without passive-aggressively offending all his friends who were at the moment of publication picking out bathmats at Ikea with their sig. others.

Post that caused the most drama between staff/ also got (almost) the most pageviews/ angry comments: A Guide to Fucking Hipster Girls by Jon Name Removed

We argued about whether or not to publish this post, deciding ulitmately to go for it. It caused a lot of drama, a lot of divisive reactions, and also our first byline retraction in order to spare the writer from possibly losing his job. What a crash course in blog ethics it was.

Post that actually got the most pageviews: Policies College Instructors Would Like to Put in Their Syllabi by Katie Sisneros

This post got insane internet momentum, maybe because Katie used the correct Latin plural of syllabus.

Editor pick: 20 Things Gay Guys Think Boobs Might Feel Like by Staff

A long time ago, I did not understand what was happening during the Superbowl so I compiled this list with other people who don’t understand sports OR boobs.

Fiction that doesn’t suck/ isn’t boring: I Only Have Sex with Ladies Named Jean by John Jodzio

John Jodzio is Minneapolis’ most up-and-coming writer. We were excited when he agreed to let us publish one of his short stories considering we don’t pay and stuff.

Editor pick: 12 Days of Depression by Dunstan McGill

This was one of my favorite posts of the year.

Editor pick: Just Suspend Me in Gelatin Already by Jason Zabel

A surprisingly convincing argument for becoming suspended in Bill Cosby’s favorite snack.

Editor pick: I Am a Tiger Mom to My Rubber Plant by Jay Gabler

Another one of my favorites.

Tumblr liked: Power Point Marriage Proposal for the Modern Businessman by Becky Lang

I work in advertising so I deal with a lot of Power Points. I wanted to see what the structure of a “game changing” presentation might look like applied to a marriage proposal.

Post that made Mother Jones unfollow us on Tumblr: Shut the Hell Up About How Stupid Black Friday Is by Jay Gabler

Mother Jones did not like this post. They even wrote 2 rants about it.

A really sexual post: Thoughts I’ve Had While Giving a Blow Job by Jen Wasserman

This post led to a whole series of blow job posts. If you search “blow job” on this site, you’ll get a whole lot of results.

Truth: I’m Sorry, I Thought You Meant the Other Kind of Camping by Heidi Thomasoni


-Picked kind of at random by Becky Lang