How to Create a Superfun (and Overly Revealing) E-Mail Address

How to Create a Superfun (and Overly Revealing) E-Mail Address

Step One: Self Expression (part 1/2)
Pick a word that embodies you in some way. What do you like about yourself? What makes you unique? Do you tell it like it is? Perfect, choose a word like sassy.

Step Two: Self Expression (part 2/2)
Repeat step one. It’s best if you can make this word start with same letter or rhyme with the first word. If your actual name starts with that letter, fine, but Sassy Swimmer sounds a lot cooler than Sassy Susan, just sayin’.

Step Three: The Number
This step is where you can really add a little mystery! Pick any number. It could be something obvious like your high school graduation year, or something more secretive like 42. This could refer the age your mom was when she divorced your dad, your sexual partner tally, or even what you wish your sexual partner tally was. If you’re going the obscure/myterious number route, keep the meaning/non-meaning to yourself. It’ll make people think it’s super important and personal. It’s artsy to have secrets.

Step Four: The Domain
You might think people stop reading your e-mail address after the @ sign. Wrong. Here’s what your domain is saying about you: = I’m a stuck-up young professional. I wear glasses so you think I’m smarter than you., or = I’m a free spirit who also reads the news. or anything that ends in .net (now we’re talkin’!) = I’m charmingly wacky and have never felt the need to “upgrade” to a more serious e-mail address. I’m just being ME, OK? Deal with it!

Final result:

Step Five: Signature

Customize your e-mail signature by writing your name in magenta colored Comic Sans or some other fun font (Lucinda Handwriting is sooooo beautiful!). Now every e-mail you send will be like a little party! Isn’t that fun?

Kelsey McDonough

This post is adapted from The Things and the Stuff