Awesome/Horrible Things From My Childhood That Technology Will Kill

Awesome/Horrible Things From My Childhood That Technology Will Kill

Book Orders

Nothing was better then paging through the shadily printed catalogues in search of the rad Goosebumps book caddy, or wondering how cool Sim Copter actually was.


When I used to wear a watch, it was usually with a sense of both bravado and irony.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Sooner or later kids are going to realize that cartoons are best served on their smart phones after bedtime.


Or more accurately, the unconfirmed report that the Moviefone guy was a substitute at our school.

Chain Letters

Replaced by every YouTube comment … ever.

Graphing Calculators

The physics of Angry Birds coming to a classroom near you.

Cursive Writing

There’s a font for that right?

Spelling Tests

Now “Close enough for auto correct” tests

Laser Tag

Never really that cool in the first place.

Eric Wall


  • Anon

    all of this is so true.

  • omg

    OMG book orders. You have no idea the level of excitement I experienced seeing that Scholastic box on my teacher’s desk, knowing the new Baby Sitter’s Club book was inside. I could hardly concentrate on that week’s math test, or whatever it was I was pretending to do. All I could think about was Mary Anne, Logan, Stacy, Claudia, and the gang, and the smell of that new book. I had to have it.